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Originally Aired - Wednesday, April 20 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Location: Grand Ballroom E

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Title: Table Talks


Also known as “roundtable discussions,” these moderated, informal conversations focus on a wide range of industry subjects. Each begins with a brief presentation by the table host, leaving several minutes for open dialogue and Q&A before a rotation is suggested. The room moderator will alert participants every 10 minutes. Specific topics will be listed here as details are solidified. 


  • Development Mistakes to Avoid (David Deems, Storage Asset Management)
  • Exploring the Possibilities of Flex Workspace (Josh Mitchell, Andover Properties LLC)
  • Guidance for Getting Project Approval (David Wytmar, Groundwork Ltd.)
  • Site-Selection Tips and Tricks (Jeff Turnbull, Turnbull Commercial)
  • Smart Investing in Solar Energy (Rich Irwin, Energy Soul LLC)
  • The Advantages of Mixed-Use Development (David Meinecke, Jordan Architects Inc.)
  • The Renovation Rampage in Self-Storage (Troy Bix, Janus International)

Facility Operation

  • Adopting Best Practices From Non-Storage Businesses (Bob Vamvas, HansRoberts)  
  • Finding Your Career Path in Self-Storage (Steven Jeffers, Bee Safe Storage and Wine Cellar)
  • Making More Money With Add-On Products and Services (Jim Mooney, Freedom Storage Management)
  • Overcoming Workplace Conflict (Allicyn and Denise Bowley, Self Storage Science LLC)
  • Risk-Management Essentials (Jacquelyn Nash, On The Move Insurance Agency)
  • The Psychology of Self-Storage Unit Pricing (Warren Lieberman, Veritec Solutions Inc.)
  • The Story Your Data Tells About Your Operation (Jim Ferguson, Storable)
  • Tips to Maximize Operational Cash Flow (Cassie Dodgen, Pinnacle Storage Managers)
  • What to Look for During a Site Audit (Tron Jordheim, Self Storage Strategies)


  • Due Diligence in the Acquisition Process (Tocarro Williams, Donald Jones Consulting & Service LLC)
  • Nonrecourse Lending: Options, Myths and Truths (David Smyle, Pacific Southwest Realty Services)
  • The Potential Impact of Climate Change on Self-Storage (Alese Stroud, Purple Moon Properties Inc.)
  • Things to Ask and Know Before Investing in Someone Else’s Project (Scott Lewis, Spartan Investment Group)
  • Using Data to Increase Facility Value (John Manes, Pinnacle Storage Properties)
  • Using SBA Financing to Build, Buy or Expand (Anne Mino, Live Oak Bank)
  • Why You Should Buy in Secondary Self-Storage Markets (Tim Wilkins, Patriot Holdings)


  • How to Market Your Portable-Storage Containers (Sam Mishkin, Universal Storage Containers)
  • Maximizing Your Google Business Profile (Tyler Anthony, StoragePug)
  • Modern Marketing Tactics for 2022 (Melissa Stiles, Storage Asset Management)
  • Understanding Your Buyer Personas (Jennifer Barroqueiro, Storage Asset Management)
  • Why In-Market Renters May Not Be Engaging With Your Business (Michael Patron, G5)


  • How Call Centers Have Evolved and How They Can Help (Christian Thurgood, Storable)
  • How to Create a Savvy Tech Stack for Your Business (Andrew Jones, Yardi Systems Inc.)
  • QR Codes Are Back and Bigger Than Ever! (Stacie Maxwell, Universal Storage Group)
  • Remote-Management Strategies (Mark Cieri, StorageDefender)
  • Simple Tips for Automating Any Self-Storage Facility (Matt Clark, StorSafe Self Storage Management)
  • Survey Says! What Your Tenants Really Think About Technology (John Bilton, Janus International)
  • The Drone Advantage (Brad Minsley, 10 Federal Storage LLC)
  • Using Technology to Improve the Customer Experience (Katharine Lau, Stuf Storage)

Open to all attendees and exhibitors.  

Type: Other Education/Events