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About eGeeTouch

eGeeTouch® is a brand of DIGIPAS TECHNOLOGIES INC., an affiliated company of DIGIPAS Group with a history of over 20 years. This business division pioneers the development and manufacture of HIGH QUALITY, EASY TO USE, yet AFFORDABLE world's-first smart locking devices and intelligent access security software with services that strategically seeks to replace those outdated conventional keyed locks and combination digit-wheel-dial locks in various shapes and forms. These smart locks resolve major security vulnerabilities of ‘lock-picking’ and ‘key-bumping’ inherent in conventional mechanical keyed locks. Its highly useful new features unmatched by any conventional mechanical padlock include: (i) TRACEABILITY, with records on WHO, WHEN & WHERE each access made providing an audit trail (audit log) - a security-relevant chronological record, containing documentary evidence of sequences of access history, and; (ii) REMOTE AUTHORIZATION by administrator(s) via commercial version mobile app or web-based intelligent access management software to assign, revoke/deny, notify, track access activities. World's first eGeeTouch® NFC+Bluetooth Smart Locks are built with state-of-art intelligent access-gaining security, remote authorization with smart identification technologies to effectively secure assets/belongings beyond hassle and constrains experienced when using those cumbersome, and easily cracked conventional locks. In fact, high security of NFC technology is well proven by its wide applications as cash payments in major banking and retailer's point-of-sales while encrypted wireless Bluetooth technology offers ultimate convenience for secured access by mass applications. These patented smart locks are designed to accommodate present highly mobile users of changing lifestyle, offering high security and convenience/flexibility yet requiring no physical key, no dial and no memorizing of combination code, for accessing/safeguarding assets unmatched by any conventional keyed or dialing combination-code locks.

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200 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 300 Irvine, California 92618
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